Motorcycle ear plugs

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Motorcycle ear plugs

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Shush Biker earplugs protect your ears from hazardous noise on the motorbike. They reduce turbulent wind noise under the helmet, without compromise. You will still hear all sounds like clear and naturally. The ceramic filter allows you to effortlessly understand conversations, with fellow motorcyclists as well as music and phone conversations through in-helmet speakers. Everything sounds pure and undistorted due to the Shush ceramic filter. Continue to enjoy the sound of the roaring engine while being protected. Warning signals like a horn of the truck or sirens are also still well-heard. These synthetic rubber earplugs are silicone-free, last much longer and are comfortable to wear all day, every day.

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Universal-fit, One size fits all

3 layered design, from small to large
Perfect fit for almost every ear.

Best Hearing protection for motorcyclists

Shush earplugs are the best hearing protection in the world. The ceramic filter with venturi channel (a double funnel) not only ensures reliable attenuation but provides a clear and natural high-fidelity sound. Music and speech attenuate without distortion. Shush hearing protection is universal-fit, designed with a three-layer mushroom shape, from small to large. A perfect fit for almost every ear. The ceramic filter is firmly positioned inside the earplugs. This way you're even protected with a small ear canal and if you only fit the first layer. The comfortable, soft and hypoallergenic synthetic rubber of the earplugs stays perfectly in place when inserted into the ear.


    Pure & undistorted sound


    Filter inside the earplugs


    Perfect fit & stays in place


    Allergy-free & no skin irrtitation

The best earplugs in the world!

Free aluminum carrying case

Keep your earplugs clean & dry for proper hygiene of your ears


Pure & Undistorted Sound

The Venturi shape (a double funnel, no straight channel) combined with the smooth surface of the ceramic material (zirconium) provides unmatched sound quality. Sound waves are broken down correctly so that the sound is distorted as little as possible. Music sounds pure and undistorted and conversations with people nearby are still easily heard. Shush Biker, with an SNR value of 24 decibels, offer optimal protection for your hearing without giving in to the incredible sound experience when riding your motorcycle. No dull tones but a clear and natural sound. It's as if you just turn down the volume.


Less fatigue from noise. Less listening effort. Better focus in traffic.

Best protection

Filter inside the ear

Shush Earplugs are the best hearing protection in the world. It's not about which earplug muffles the most sound, it's about protecting your ears while still allowing you to hear everything clear and natural. The ceramic filter makes it possible to be protected against hazardous noise while you'll still be able to hear everything in high fidelity. Also, the ceramic filter is firmly positioned inside the earplugs, and not at the end of the stem. This means you don't have to push the full earplug into your ears to work. Even if you have a small ear canal, and only fit the first layer, your hearing is already fully protected. Because Shush’ synthetic rubber earplugs have a rougher surface, they also stay in place, much better than silicone plugs that are much smoother. All these features provide the best hearing protection.


Reduce sound without losing sound quality
and sound experience of riding amotorcycle.

Ultimate comfort

Perfect fit, hypoallergenic and sillicone-free

Shush earplugs are made from durable synthetic rubber (TPE). The hypo-allergenic and silicone-free material is soft, allergy-free and cause no skin irritation. The earplugs fit perfectly under any helmet. Use them all day, every day and after 365 days they will still look and feel as new. These earplugs contain no toxic or hazardous material. They are silicone-free which means no risk for allergic reactions and no skin irritation. Unlike the smooth sillicone earplugs, our rubber earplugs stay in place much better. The three-layer mushroom shape, from small to large, fits almost every ear. You do not have take them out to hear a conversation. All this makes them very comfortable to wear for long rides or your daily commute.

Hear conversations effortlessly

Speech frequencies from fellow motorcyclists are well heard without having to remove the earplugs

Protection against turbulent wind noise

Shush Biker earplugs reduce turbulent wind noise under your helmet. At the speed of 60 mph (100 km/h) wind noise can already produce noise levels of 95 dB, risking hearing damage after riding for 15 minutes. More speed means more wind noise and an even greater risk of hearing damage. Shush Biker reduces damaging noise to a safe level and also improves focus on traffic. The particular sound of a bike is very important to riders and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Anyone who rides knows there’s no comparison for the suite of senses that makes up the experience of riding a motorcycle, including sound. For long tour rides, for races or for your daily commute. Shush Earplugs are the safest and most comfortable choice for all bikers. Without compromising on sound quality!

Dutch design

100% designed & made in The Netherlands
According to strict international standards.

Improve concentration

Riding a motorcycle requires focus and vigilance. Fatigue on a motorcycle can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Noise exposure accelerates that. When you lose attention span and reaction speed, the chances of making a mistake will increase. When you’re fatigued it’s much more likely to make a mistake. Any mistake on the motor bike can lead to a serious accident with nasty consequences. Shush Biker not only protects your hearing, it also improves your focus. Because the sound is attenuated without distortion you are less likely to get tired. Traffic signals and warnings remain clearly audible. This helps you maintain your focus on the road and traffic.

Durable & eco-friendly

Reusable, Recyclable & Incredible Durability
Plastic fee packaging!

Equalize air pressure

Shush Biker earplugs are designed for motorcyclists to protect against wind noise. The earplugs can also be used to reduce wind noise when you drive a convertible with the top down. Shush Biker are also used for equalizing air pressure in airplane cabins or riding in the mountains. The ceramic filter regulates pressure from altitude changes and helps to prevent ear ache. The earplugs also reduce noise inside the cabin while conversations are still clearly audible. These features help you prevent ear ache and help you experience a more relaxing and comfortable flight.

Certified Protection

Independently tested and certified
in compliance with (EU) 2016/425 PPE.

Certified hearing protection

Manufacturing hearing protection is serious business. Hearing protection is classified in the highest risk category in the EU. Earplugs have to comply with strict standards because hearing damage is irreversible. Shush has been independently tested and certified by PZT GmbH, in conformity with the following standards: ANSI S3.19-1974 (USA), CSA Z94.2-02 (Canada), AS/NZS 1270:2002 (Australia / New Zealand) and EN 352-2:2020 (Europe). Shush hearing protection is certified in compliance with the European regulation on personal protective equipment (EU) 2016/425 PPE. Annual product control according to module C2 is conducted by PZT GmbH (notified body number 1974).

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