Acoustic earplugs

$ 34,95

Acoustic earplugs

$ 34,95
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Enjoy (live) music for as long as you want without the risk of hearing loss. Talk to people without having to take out the earplugs. With Shush Acoustic earplugs, you will never again have that annoying ringing or aching in your ears after a festival or concert. These Music Earplugs protect your hearing without compromise. The ceramic music filter preserves a pure and undistorted sound. So you can enjoy (live) music the way it’s intended. Designed for protecting you ears at festivals and concerts. Created with a beautiful sky blue color that matches almost any outfit. Shush Acoustic provides the best sound experience without dull and distorted tones and without an 'acoustic hangover' afterwards. Try it for yourself and experience the best high-fidelity listening experience for (live) music at festivals, clubs or concerts.

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Free aluminum carrying case

Use as a keychain And carry them everywhere

The best high-fidelity hearing protection in the world

Shush earplugs are the best high fidelity hearing protection for music. Shush ceramic filter has a precise venturi channel (a double funnel) which provides a pure and undistorted sound. You will hear music and speech with clear and natural sound. Shush hearing protection is universal-fit, designed with a three-layer mushroom shape, from small to large. A perfect fit for almost every ear. The ceramic filter is firmly positioned inside the earplugs. This way you're even protected with a small ear canal and if you only fit the first layer. The comfortable, soft and hypoallergenic synthetic rubber of the earplugs stays perfectly in place when inserted into the ear.


    Pure & undistorted sound


    Filter inside the ear


    Perfect fit & stays in place


    Allergy-free & no skin irrtitation

Universal-fit One size fits all

3 layer design from small to large


Pure & undistorted sound

The ceramic filter has a Venturi shaped channel. Adouble funnel, no straight channel. Combined with the smooth surface of the ceramic (zirconium) our filter provides unmatched sound quality. Sound waves are broken down correctly so that music sounds pure and undistorted. The ceramic material ensures the most reliable sound reduction without deviation. You will be able to hear conversations nearby without any effort. Shush Acoustic has an SNR value of 23 decibels. We allow you to enjoy music safely but without without giving in to the incredible sound experience at concerts and festivals. No dull tones but a clear and natural sound. As if you simply turn down the volume.

Incredible longevity

These earplugs are reusable for at least 365 times. Use them every weekend!


Filter inside the earplugs

Shush Earplugs are the best hearing protection in the world. It's not about which earplug muffles the most sound. Especially when it comes to music, it's about protecting your ears while still allowing you to hear everything in a clear and natural way. The ceramic filter makes it possible to be protected against harmful sound while you'll still be able to hear everything in high fidelity. The acoustic filter is firmly positioned inside the earplugs, and not at the end of the stem. This means you don't have to push the full earplug into your ears to let the filter do it's work. Even if you have a small ear canal, and only fit the first layer of the earplugs, your hearing is already fully protected. Because Shush’ synthetic rubber earplugs have a rougher surface, they also stay in place much better than the smooth silicone plugs. All these features provide the best hearing protection without sacrificing sound quality.


Less fatigue from loud music. Less listening effort for conversations. No more ringing ears afterwards.


Perfect fit, hypoallergenic and sillicone-free

Shush earplugs are made from durable synthetic rubber (TPE). The hypo-allergenic and silicone-free material is soft, allergy-free and cause no skin irritation. The earplugs are reusable for at least 365 days. Comfortable to wear them all night, all day, every day. These earplugs contain no toxic or hazardous material. They are silicone-free which means no risk for allergic reactions and no skin irritation. Unlike the smooth sillicone earplugs, our rubber earplugs stay in place much better. The three-layer mushroom shape, from small to large, fits almost every ear. You do not have take them out to hear a conversation. Together this gives the ultimate comfort. Enjoy wearing them all night when you go out or all day at a festival! After a while you won't even notice you're wearing them.


Easily distinguish conversations when wearing Shush Acoustic Earplugs

Listen to music the way it is intended

Shush Acoustic earplugs are designed to protect the ears of music lovers. For both fans and performers. The Acoustic earplugs provide the best music listening experience to enjoy (live) music at concerts, festivals and clubs. But they are also ideal for use in gyms, cinemas and other venues with loud music. Good hearing protection is still essential when you go out. Anyone exposed for more than 15 minutes to music louder than 95 decibels should wear hearing protection to prevent hearing damage. In many places the volume is even higher than 100 dB. With an SNR of 23, Shush reduces the volume to a safe level where you can continue to party all day or night and enjoy dancing. Use Shush to protect your ears while preserving great sound quality and music listening experience! Try it and you'll love it.


According to strict European, North-American and Australian standards

No more ringing ears

After being exposed to loud music for a period of time, lots of people experience ringing or even aching of one or both ears. This ‘acoustic hangover’ is a sign that your hearing cells are damaged and/or an overload to your eardrum. Mostly the ringing ears or aching fades away after a while. But sometimes it doesn’t go away and the phantom sound is permanent. This is called tinnitus. Based on surveys over the world it is estimated that 5% of the adult population suffers from severe tinnitus. Hearing damage and tinnitus is irreversible and cannot be cured. That is why all people with tinnitus or noise-induced hearing loss all regret that they didn’t use earplugs before.

Improve focus

Shut out distraction and improve concentration

Used by professionals

Shush Acoustic earplugs are designed for music professionals: Musicians, DJ’s, dancers and other performing artists. As well as audience and professionals in the event industry: crew, security and catering staff. Shush Acoustic Earplugs are perfect for use at events or venues with loud music because you will be protected and still enjoy the full (live) music experience. Next to concerts and festivals this includes clubs, fitness classes, cinemas and theatres. Prevent hearing damage with Shush Acoustic Earplugs if you want to preserve pure and undistorted, high fidelity sound.


Reusable, Recyclable & Incredible longevity


  • Shush earplugs are made of durable and comfortable synthetic rubber with an exceptionally longevity.
  • Our filter is made of durable ceramic (zirconia).
  • The free carrying case is made from durable high-quality aluminum, with a rubber ring.
  • The packaging is made from FSC certified responsible sources.
  • The tray inside is made from bagasse (sugarcane waste) and is completely biodegradable and compostable.
  • Even our closing seals are made from renewable sources and completely biodegradable adhesive.

FSC-responsible forestry   Recycling symbol   Eco friendly

Certified Protection

According to strict European, North-American and Australian standards

Certified hearing protection

Manufacturing hearing protection is serious business. Hearing protection is classified in the highest risk category in the EU. Earplugs have to comply with strict standards because hearing damage is irreversible. Shush has been independently tested and certified by PZT GmbH, in conformity with the following standards: ANSI S3.19-1974 (USA), CSA Z94.2-02 (Canada), AS/NZS 1270:2002 (Australia / New Zealand) and EN 352-2:2020 (Europe). Shush hearing protection is certified in compliance with the European regulation on personal protective equipment (EU) 2016/425 PPE. Annual product control according to module C2 is conducted by PZT GmbH (notified body number 1974).

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