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Protection without compromise!

Our mission is not only to promote awareness about hearing loss and the importance of prevention. Many people are well aware that hearing loss is a serious condition and that prevention is better than cure, but they still don't want to use hearing protection because of bad experiences with uncomfortable protection and muffled sound. Our mission is to develop hearing protection that people want to use.

Resistance to wearing earplugs is mainly caused by uncomfortable experiences with pinchy foam earplugs or sweaty ear muffs. When using these types of hearing protection you get a distorted muffled sound. But there are also many earplugs that claim to be the number one and claim to have a quality filter but still give a distorted muffled sound.

Our mission to develop hearing protection that takes away all these objections. Professional protection without any compromise sound quality, comfort or durability.

“The day will come when man will have to fight noise as inexorably as cholera and the plague.”

Nobel Prize Winner Robert Koch (in 1905)


More than just an earplug

Because we focus on emotional and physical aspects of using hearing protection, Shush is more than just an earplug. Shush relies on many years of knowledge and experience in creating the best possible hearing protection with undistorted high-fidelity sound and ultimate comfort.

Klinkt Goed BV (translate as 'Sounds Good') the parent company of Shush was founded over 10 years ago and is specialized in developing custom-made hearing protection with high-fidelity sound (hence the name Sounds Good).

With their concept they have conquered a large market share in The Netherlands. Shush applies their years of knwoledge and experience to Shush universal-fit earplugs. Key focus is on the ceramic filter with outstanding performance in reliable protection with undistorted sound quality.

More than just an earplug

Focus on emotional and physical experience

Best protection | Best Sound

Best Comfort | Best Fit

Hearing is just as important as other senses like sight, touch and smell. Studies show a link between hearing loss and mental decline. It affects your brain health. Hearing loss also causes social isolation.

In most cases hearing loss and damaged hearing cells are caused by exposure to loud noise for a period of time or excessive noise that immediately causes damage. This can be prevented by using the right hearing protection.

Shush earplugs are the perfect solution. Not only because of the ceramic filter with clear and natural sound but also because of the perfect and comfortable fit, the position of the filter inside and the sillicone-free, hyoallergenic and allergy-free material.


Sustainable, Reusable, durable, recyclable and/or biodegradable.