Clear & natural sound

High-Fidelity Ceramic Filter

Our ceramic filter with it's venturi shape (a funnel at both sides) and smooth surface prevents sound waves to break and preserves the best sound experience while your hearing is well protected. The material ensures the most reliable attenuation and preserves natural sound. The filter reduces harmful noise levels while everything sounds pure & undistorted. conversations are still audible. The filter is firmly positioned inside the earplug giving it the best protection.


    Smooth surface, no distortion


    Firmly positioned inside the ear


    Tested independently

Clear & Natural Sound

The best hearing protection is not the earplug with the best noise reduction. The best earplugs reduce noise to a safe level without distortion. A clear and natural sound is important because the brain doesn't have to 'translate' dull sound. Not only is it much safer when you hear normal sounds, you will be much fitter at the end of the day and it is easier to communicatie without having to take the earplugs out.

Declaration of conformity

Shush earplugs comply with regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment.

Certified hearing protection

Acccording to international standards

SHUSH hearing protection has been tested by PZT GmbH, Bismarckstrasse 264B, 26389 Wilhelmshaven, Germany (notified body number: 1974) according to the following standards: EN 352-2:2020 (Europe), ANSI S3.19-1974 (USA), CSA Z94.2-02 (Canada) and AS/NZS 1270:2002 (Australia / New Zealand). SHUSH earplugs are certified according to the European regulation on personal protection equipment (EU) 2016/425 PPE. Annual product control according to module C2 is conducted by PZT.

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Reusable, Recyclable & Incredible longevity